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Archiving for the Future

Have you visited Taragaon Museum’s permanent exhibition: “Archiving for the Future.” We are delighted as we embark on a captivating journey that explores the intersection of time, architecture, and archives, all through the lens of memory and people. This exhibition shines a light on the crucial role of archiving in preserving and promoting our shared heritage for generations to come.
At the heart of this exhibition lies the Nepal Architecture Archive (NAA). This ever-growing and versatile archive is a treasure trove of rare photographs, books, surveys, blueprints, objects, and invaluable notes. It offers unique insights into Nepal’s rapidly evolving urban landscapes and cultural nuances. Over the years, the archive has been enriched by the dedicated work of international and local scholars and artists, who have documented and contributed to its vast collection. Today, we honor their efforts as we explore the histories of architectural elements and materials that shape our understanding of Nepal’s architectural heritage.
To facilitate a refreshed vision of the Nepal Architecture Archive, the curatorial team envisioned a broad overview of four primary themes across three galleries: People and Places, Vernacular Architecture, Architectural Surveys, and Monuments. The maps, photographs, objects, and ephemera that articulate these four themes are either originals or reprints of materials from the archive by scholars, researchers, and contributors who have spent years and some decades documenting the lives and landscapes of people and places they encountered. Each gallery offers various access points for visitors to the archive with their own stories and histories.
We would also like to announce a free guided tour every Monday, 3pm.
Conceptualization: Saraf Foundation and Taragaon Next
Curated by: Sujan Chitrakar and Veerangana Kumari Solanki
Curatorial Assistant: Priyanka Tulachan
Installation: Deepak Lama and Shankar Thapa Magar
Museum hours:
Taragaon Next
Boudha road, Kathmandu
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