FUZZSCAPE : A Multimedia Exhibition


Fuzzscape is a multimedia documentary project, in which a group of creative professionals travel to different areas of Nepal—exploring and learning of communities and cultures—and create work that responds to their experiences of the spaces. During the process, the music artists in the team collaborate with musicians of the visited sites to create new music inspired by traditional and culturally significant music and or by the space itself. The filmmakers and writers in the team, in turn, document and reflect on the music-making process. Till date, the team has journeyed to Kavre, Sermanthang, Birgunj, Bhojpur, Janakpur and Manang and what has come out of the travels is a series of short documentaries that talk about the community, culture and the arts of the different areas. Sensing the need to document Nepali culture and heritage, from this year on, additional text, audio and video recorded during the trips are being compiled in the project’s website as archived material. The team has also been facilitating workshops—to discuss the condition of and issues surrounding intangible cultural heritage—for youth residing in the visited sites so that they too get inspired to take responsibility and contribute towards conservation.The exhibition will showcase the archives and documentary from Bhojpur, Janakpur and Manang.

Curated by Prasiit Sthapit and Rajan Shrestha.

17th March 2019, – 31st March, 2019
British Council Atrium, Lainchaur

All Exhibitions are open except for Saturdays and Sundays