Nanda Shumshere Jung Bahadur Rana


Nanda Shumshere Jung Bahadur Rana was born into the Rana family of Nepal. The Ranas, rulers of Nepal for 104 years, were famous for their love of hunting and the outdoors, Nanda, having inherited this love for the wilderness, has devoted his life to the study and conservation of tigers in the wild. His expertise was recognized when National Geographic appointed him as a special consultant for their features both in print and television for the Year of the Tiger 1997. After working with the Geographic for a period of two years, Nanda was field producer for Partridge Films, the UK for two natural history films on the tiger, acknowledged as two of the best films on wild tiger behavior. Nanda captured on film for the first time, interactions between a male tiger and his offspring, confirming that male tigers spend time with their families. The rights to the films were bought by the Discovery channel worldwide and by the BBC for the UK. Over the years Nanda has gained international recognition for his work as a wildlife photographer. His Wild Tiger series was first exhibited in Kathmandu Nepal in 2003. Subsequently, he was invited to participate in the Asia Pacific Festival in Berlin, Germany and the photographs were also displayed at a special exhibition organized by the Embassy of India, Germany. The series was exhibited at the Piramal Gallery, NCPA/CPA, Mumbai from the 30th of January, 2004 till the 8th of February, 2004 and then at the India International Centre, Delhi from December 3rd to 10th, 2004.