Bakhat Bdr. Chitrakar

Saral Photography, the first book written for Photography was by Mr. Bakhat Bdr. Chitrakar after completing his Masters from Syracuse University in New York, He worked for the Ministry of Education for 36 years. He had won a scholarship for Cinematography at Jayachamarajenra Polytechnic College in Bangalore and thus got to explore his desires to be a cinematographer in Bangalore and also few months in Bombay.

But due to his work at the Government, he could not pursue further his cinematography training. But he had shot several documentaries like ‘Sikyshak’, ‘Seti Project’ and ‘Gaun Bikashma Praud Sikshya’ and also worked with the Film Division for a while.

With joint efforts from him and Dr. Kedar Nath Shrestha, they started the 10+2 system in 2046 B.S. He has worked hard on making the text books today illustrative and attractive with his photography of the different subjects of Nepal.