D. B. Thapa


Mr. D. B. Thapa with all his entrepreneurial guts had dreamt of a photographic company that could provide world-class quality to the people of Nepal with the use of contemporary state-of-the-art technologies. Thus, in the year 1960, he founded Photo Concern with a big and almost impossible like vision in the context of Nepal like a market.

His firm determination and inimitable fore-sighting quality fetched him immense success from all odds. The company which was then started with a mere two-story building and with a handful of employees, now metamorphosed into a giant and attractive eight-story building standing with pride right at the heart of Kathmandu city with over a hundred and fifty employees.

The Chairman of Photo Concern, Mr. D. B. Thapa woes his consistent success to his employees and the customers who have believed in his company over the last several years.