Gopal Chitrakar


A journey that started from a Photojournalist to the General Manager of Gorkhapatra Sansthan, Mr. Gopal Chitrakar says that it was sincerity towards being a Photojournalist that made it possible to achieve a different height. The profession which is considered to be not as prestigious as the other professions are deemed to be is a myth. As Mr. Chitrakar proudly said that all the fame he earned was the result of his hard work and determination.

Being a part of the change of the entire political system, he has always believed in right to information of the public and believing that same dream, he has published People Power and Royal Massacre(ed.). Being a part of the history where there are not only political changes so also technological advancements, he retold his story of how the photography worked then and now.

On his first visit to Rolpa, Rukum during the internal conflict in Nepal, he was recognized by the people of the village. His column ‘Out of frame’ in the Nepal Magazine was very popular in the village, he had gained an identity which earlier was not promised to this career.

His photographs have been published and use by many international agencies and his contribution towards the portrayal of Nepal to the international arena has been for more than 25 years.

Awarded with the Bhusan Patrakarita Puraskar for his contribution in Photo journalism and also several other medals for his paintings.