Laxmi Raj Manandhar


Nepal’s first dealer of photography equipments was done by Laxmi Raj Manandhar. Currently of 81 years he started his photography career at 2022 B.S. while he was studying in college. Under his father, Tirtha Raj Manandhar’s Office named “S Tirthraj” he initiated his business. He was the prime dealer for all equipments related to photography like KODAK, AGFA, MAY AND BAKER, LIPI, INDO and AMA Company’s Rollei Camera and so on. Moreover, he also supplied all these equipments to places all over Nepal. In 2050 B.S. he retired after handing over all his business to his eldest son Shantaraj Manandhar. He was honored by Kathmandu Photography Association on 2066 Bhadra 20 for his contribution in the photography and also making this profession a respectable and renowned one.