Manju Kumar Shrestha


Manju Kumar Shrestha is one of the oldest cinematographer working in the Royal Nepal Film Corporation for past 20 years. Honored as the Best Cinematographer by Nepal Motion Picture Association, Abhiyan, R.N.F.C., Priya Magazine, Sayapatri Films and also Ministry of Sports and Culture in Nepal and also received honors from Egypt, Germany, and Thailand, etc for his work in feature films, News films and Documentary Films.

“JEEVAN REKHA” was the first independent work as a cinematographer. With more than 60-70 feature films, he has worked as a cinematographer in the private sector. He has covered News films during the 1st and 4th SAARC Summit held at Bangladesh and Kathmandu respectively.  He had started his career from Royal Nepal Film Corporation and now he is an independent film maker with currently experience in four-feature film and several documentaries and advertisement films as a producer, director and cinematographer.

He had volunteered to teach photography to 500 school girls free of cost. From 2004, he has been giving training to house wives, non govt. organization members, mass communication students, physically challenged people and commercial photographers of different VDC.