Shridhar Lal Manandhar


Started out as a hobby for photography with his Kodak Baby Brownie Camera from school age at St. Xavier’s School, Godavari. Later he advanced to other cameras like Rolleicord, Rolleiflex, Agfa Folding Camera, Zeiss Contax II, Old Model Leica, Hassel Blad Camera from the 1950s advancing one to another, he says it was a thrill to buy a newer model of camera as they improvised over the years.

In the 1960’s he started his professional photography as he opened a studio at Dharma path, New Road. He recalls using Linhof Super Technica, which was a very heavy camera of more than 3-4 kg. He got assignments to cover seminars, the international conference and medical conferences.

1970’s USIS( US Information Services) now American Library, called him for a monthly magazine “Swatantra Bishwa” for the photographs of festivals (that were captured as a hobby before he came into professional service). He was assigned by United Press International (UPI) under which he covered King Birendra’s Wedding. But he left press photography, and started photographing for hotels, business houses and different magazines like Nepal Traveler, Enjoy Nepal, Yeti Inflight using his shots of Mountains and Festivals.