Photokipa 2012

Photography has been one of the most aspiring professions in Nepal, people of all age shapes and sizes are doing it for fun, and profession. The market for photography has been increasing but the fact remains stagnant as the increase in the market of photography has not helped the stakeholders of Nepal boom in the manner it should.

It is high time that the stakeholders take an initiative to market the market of photography in the country and make the people understand and take the market seriously. Understanding the issue, Creative D. in association with Kathmandu Photographer’s Association organized an event Photokipa 2012 to summon the entire photography and imaging industry under one roof. It was a digital imaging fair which brought together the industry, trade, professional / amateur users and end consumers with a passion for photography and create a market, a market for people to understand and upgrade.

Photokipa was held at Bhrikutimandap Exhibition hall, from 13th – 15th April 2012, spanning across 35000 sq m. of floor area with the strong support of 100 exhibitors from both international and domestic markets. With visitors all over the country Photokipa expects 100 thousand people as photo & video traders, amateur photographers, photo studio owners, professional photographers, film industry professionals, technicians, photo wholesalers, lab owners and videographers, media people, and people interested in photography.